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Winter Camp Cover

The Product Innovation Challenge is here and happening!

Inspiring the Next Generation of Product Innovators!

We are pleased to offer Winter Online Coding Sessions! The coolest online class in the world by far! No school bags, paper, pens are required in our creative online class and lab. Learners will work with educators on real-world examples and can bring life to the projects. Sounds exciting! Please join us in fun-based learning courses in which kids will be exposed to all the coolest robots and gadgets.

  • Canada: Dec 20 – Dec 30 (2 weeks)
  • USA: Various timing slots available. Call us to book.

Open invitation for students to come and invest in their future by spending this winter learning invaluable technology skills!

If your kid is aspiring to be inventors or innovators, you are in the right session. Our company name, logo, and vision are only to reassert our passion for helping your kid be a product innovator in the near future! Our program will cater to all your kid’s aspirations!

Winter Coding Session Highlights

  • Live, Innovator-Led Online Classes
  • Beginner Friendly, No Prior Coding Experience Needed
  • Students Experience Classes from Home. No Need to Sit in Traffic. No Fuel Expenses
  • Hands-On, Interactive Classes. Gamification
  • Certification for Achievement. Leaderboard
  • 120 mins / day

Winter Product Innovation Challenge

winter product innovation challenge


  • DeepBrains conducts a series of virtual Product Innovation Challenge for free and is part of our community giving back program!
  • Our mandate is to groom the best and brightest among students as future inventors and innovators!
  • This challenge will enable students to explore and understand key coding and robotics skills prior to putting them to use on real and hands-on projects.
  • Students will unlock their creativity as they are challenged to create their own product!


  • Throughout the program, our highly qualified instructors will work with students in an interactive online classroom session and advance their coding and product innovation knowledge.
  • Students will be taught in a fun and play based approach to the relevant coding concepts.
  • Towards the end of the program, our instructors will challenge each student to leverage what they may have learnt and apply those concepts to create an innovative project.
  • Students will work in small teams, and we will organize the work using a so-called “agile” approach (don’t worry if you are not familiar with agile, everything will be explained on day one!).
  • Students will have an opportunity to work with mentors from top universities in Canada and the USA!
  • Students will collaborate with other teammates with varied skill sets and form a team.
  • Students who were not exposed to coding in the past will be paired with students who are
    coding experts so that they learn from each other in a team environment, so everyone is welcome!
  • Students can leverage any technologies that they are familiar with.
  • Students will define and generate an idea within a specific time frame
  • Students will have an opportunity to apply coding skills to design and develop project
  • Finally, students can submit the project and celebrate the prizes!


  • Students will present selected projects on the final day of the event.
  • Judges will apply the evaluation criteria to select the winners!
  • Students would have learned technical skills and product innovation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Students will have an opportunity to hear from Industry Experts (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Amazon) Pep Talk!

NOTE: Students will use the Google Classroom Collaboration tool for communication – theme for the challenge, product innovation rules, project submission guidelines, judging criteria, and others. If you are not familiar with Slack, don’t worry; we are here to help!

Importance of Coding!

  • Studies show Coders developed higher cognitive skills on average!
  • Coding improves your brain health and prevents neural deterioration!
  • Demystify the myth – Coding is just math and logic, it is much more than that. But coding involves attention, language, memory, math, logic, and creativity. That should be enough to keep your brain busy and healthy!
  • 71% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing!

Winter Break coding Session Fees


Country / Region Price for 7 sessions (Dec 20-23 & Dec 28-30)
Canada CAD 249  CAD 139 + HST
USA USD 199 USD 99



Country /Region Price for 7 sessions (Dec 20-23 & Dec 28-30)*

CAD 249

CAD 139


USD 199

USD 99

* 7 Session of 2 hours each day

Winter coding session Discount!

  • Canada: Sign up by Dec 17th to SAVE 10%
  • Siblings get a 20% discount!

Hear from our Students & Hackathon Winners!

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