With over 4 billion internet users in the world, the demand for web development professionals continues to grow. More and more businesses and institutions are going online by the day. Basic web development, therefore, is a great skill to have. Keeping this massive potential in mind, DeepBrains AI & Robotics is training the next generation of entrepreneurs and tech professionals worldwide. We’ve taught web development fundamentals to hundreds of kids and teenagers over the years. As experts in the area of STEM education, here are a few recommendations on how you can get started:

Online Research: We live in a world where Google has answers to most of our questions. You may have come across this article on Google. The best place to get started and get an overall idea of web development is Google search. YouTube has thousands of videos that would help you easily help you test the waters.

HTML & CSS: Essentially, there are two core technologies for building web pages – HTML and CSS. If you’re not using an online web builder like Wix, these are the two basic skills you’ll need to create a website. By using these skills, kids can build simple and complex web interfaces. You can see how simple code updates change things visually in real-time. This helps develop a better understanding of how changes to HTML impact the layout and how CSS can be updated to create different visual effects.

Kodable: This is a great app designed for kids aged 5 years and above. Kids learn core programming concepts through engaging games developed with real teachers and kids. There’s also a learning guide for parents to play along with and understand the concepts behind the game. Students can practice and share coding challenges with the class.

Wix: Once your child has gained a basic understanding of web development, Wix is a great platform designed to test and bring your knowledge to reality. The popular drag-and-drop website builder provides customizable design, free templates, and a built-in image editor with free and paid versions. This is a very useful platform for hands-on training.

Creative Training: Besides coding, it’s also important to develop creative skills so your child can imagine what can be created by utilizing web development tech to its fullest potential. Platforms such as Canva help gain insights in the area of design, fonts, branding and colour combinations. Once your child can perform edits at an advanced level, it would be a good idea to switch to Photoshop to gain professional-level skills.

Fun Tasks and Projects: Once your child has gained a full understanding of HTML, CSS and web development platforms in general, it’s time to test their knowledge and identify gaps if any. Assigning creative, interesting tasks and projects to your child will help them develop critical thinking and utilise all the technical and creative expertise to build something of their own. Typical projects could be designing a web page, creating wireframes or overcoming a coding challenge. At DeepBrains AI & Robotics, we test our student’s progress regularly and fill in any knowledge gaps identified.

About DeepBrains AI & Robotics:

DeepBrains AI was established with a vision to advance our next generation to thrive in the 21st-century workforce. We believe it’s never too early for you to learn coding and building products. Our team is keen to bring real-world experience to our learners by taking them for industry tours and site visits. Our educators are supported by founders who can translate their 75 years of industry experience into real-world examples.

Contact us at info@deepbrains.ai to schedule a Discovery Call.

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