The world of academics is changing rapidly, both for kids and adults. Technology is occupying an enormous part of our daily lives. This, coupled with the human desire to create and communicate, has led to breakthrough inventions backed by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Robotics in particular has advanced to an extent that it has become part of our daily life. So, is introducing Robotics to your kid’s early childhood education a good step in the right direction?

Kids who start working on technical projects at an early age generally tend to apply these concepts as they are exposed to more complex ideas in their life ahead. Working on Robotics projects also helps develop strong analytical and research skills. Although overwhelming sometimes, there are a number of teaching approaches DeepBrains AI & Robotics instructors take to teach kids everything they need to know to create their own robotics and electronics inventions.

If you’re interested in Robotics education for your child, here are a few different ways you could get started:

After School Clubs: Schools play a critical role in your child’s education. Several schools around the world have set up clubs and groups to introduce subjects such as Robotics, Coding, Web Development, and more, to their students. These clubs aim to bring students and budding makers together so they can ideate and create stuff using technology. Getting your child enrolled at one of these after school clubs is a great way to get started with the basics.

Makerspace Workshops: Another great way to get started is Makerspace Workshops, community-oriented workspaces where like-minded individuals can meet, socialize and collaborate on tech projects including Robotics and Web Development. Try searching for one that offers any kid-specific workshops in your city.

Online Platforms: The most preferred learning platforms today are online. Starting from YouTube to free blogs and classes, there are numerous resources online to learn Robotics, Coding or any other technology. Platforms such as diy.org and makezine.com provide excellent resources online to learn and share inventions within the community. There are thousands of YouTube videos online that teach kids how to code and develop basic understanding of these technologies. These online resources are a great way to get started with Robotics.

Robotics Kits: From DIY products to building robots using ready-made parts, there are various Robotics kits available in the market that you and your family can play around with at home. For example, Raspberry Pi is a small and affordable computer built for kids. The product plugs into any screen and allows kids to explore computing with languages like Python. This device can also be used to build robots or music machines.

About DeepBrains AI & Robotics:

DeepBrains AI was established with a vision to advance our next generation to thrive in the 21st century workforce. We believe it’s never too early for you to learn coding and building products. Our team is keen to bring real-world experience to our learners by taking them for industry tours and site visits. Our educators are supported by founders who can translate their 75 years of industry experience into real-world examples.

Contact us at info@deepbrains.ai to schedule a Discovery Call.

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