Hackathons – A Great way to Innovate

Hackathons are prominent among computer professionals and college students in this tech-savvy world. As the technology continues to flourish in our lives, it’s gaining popularity among the tweens and teens.

So, it is important to boost young minds about how they can be the next generation innovators and building blocks in the future robotic world.


Our Deepbrains.ai hackathons in simple words is a competition where kids get together to create projects.

When most people hear the word “hackathon,” images of groups of people hunched over their laptops staying up all night fuelled on pizza and energy drinks tends to come to mind. The type of Hackathons which we host are quite different to this description.

Beep Brain Hackathons are a series of innovation sprints to re-imagine and prototype new products, services and experiences in a way that disrupts the market, delivers commercial value and supports adaptation.

These sprints provide organizational learning benefits and Proof Points to help clients develop their commercial innovation know-how. They are all about learning by doing because participants compete in teams to develop the best solution – low fidelity prototypes – for a specific problem.

Design doing

We take a user-centric design and innovation process to explore, to generate new thinking, new services, products and models. The process we use has been tried and tested many times. It breaks into four stages and these are illustrated in the plan below:
Research including workshops with end users, to drive understanding of the problem to be solved, develop the brief and what a solution needs to do to delight the user
Research to create insight and help generate ideas, a vision, and a compelling proposition
Prototyping the ideas to deliver the tangible thing we can share and use as a demo or to get investment
Digging deeper into the concept and establishing a forward strategy that connects what the hackathon generated to investment and the development process.

What our “hackers” actually get

They will generate new product, service and business model ideas that can be taken forward for development and achieve these outcomes:

  • Accelerated learning about innovation – what it is, how you “do” it, the know how you need
  • Clear opportunities to differentiate–propositions, skills and ways of working that gives you an edge
  • Cross team connection/join up–the ability to leverage your own and your organisation’s talent
  • Closer collaborative connection with end users–a deeper understanding of their needs and desires
  • Learning-based, innovative culture–less silo style working and more learning and sharing
  • Transition plan for rapid implementation–developing early solutions and a route to market
  • Ability to scale–the means to run hackathons and develop outputs across multiple territories
  • Great stories–the opportunity to use the talent we have to deliver lasting, positive change

Achieving diversity

Not all hackathons are designed and delivered in the way we recommend – some can lack focus, or be a little too wild and crazy – and some solutions lack relevance. To stop this from happening, we work with a variety of organisations with specialist skills to deliver more empathetic, meaningful and viable outputs. We pull upon people from different disciplines such, user experience and interaction design, data and analytics, software development, art, and design.

DeepBrains drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Find out how

Introducing: Hack-The-Crisis Hackathon

One such event is the GLOBAL ONLINE HACK-THE-CRISIS on Nov 21 ,2020 organized by DeepBrains AI & Robotics. This event is framed beautifully with webinars, presentations by guest speakers and lots more.

This year’s hackathon prevails around the topic “Innovative solutions for fighting COVID-19”.

Few highlights of the event:

  • Topic will be given away two weeks before the main event
  • Work in groups of minimum two to maximum of four
  • Dedicated mentor to assist in the project
  • Get free access to web series scheduled before the event date
  • Listen to panel discussions and guest speakers from industry experts

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

-Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

Here is the link to register for GLOBAL ONLINE HACK-THE-CRISIS

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