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FRequently asked questions?

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where participants (hackers) team up to
find solutions and concepts in a short period of time, tackling the
stated problems. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to
use their abilities for the common good and to strengthen
community engagement.

What will the participants accomplish?

Apart from Coding and Robotics experience, the participants would gain exposure towards Product Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Techpreneur). We are aspiring each and every participate to be a product innovators in 21st century.

How much does it cost to attend Hack the Learn?

Admission is completely free!

What do I need to participate in the event?
A laptop or computer with internet connection, so that you can work on your project, attend workshops, and meet our industry leaders!
When the hack the learn topics will be shared?

The topics/ themes will be shared on or before Nov 18th so that participants will have 2 weeks (Nov 19th through Dec 1st) to work on their product/ solution and submit the application by Dec 1st.

I (or my child) don’t know anything about Hack-a-thon. Who can help?

For both parents and students, we will be hosting a series of education sessions about the “Hackathon 101” along with workshops during the following dates – Nov 27th and Nov 28th You can select one of the options. Note All time zones in EST.

Why it's important to participate during early years ?

We are bringing innovation from the corporate world to schools. Hack-a-thon(s) allow kids to create new ideas and concepts, to learn product development and the market. Kids learn how to collaborate intensively over a short period of time in an agile approach to innovate new products/ solutions.

Learn more by reading this blog – Kids Hackathon- Why, How & What?

Who can participate?

Age group: 8-17
No previous hack-a-thon experience or knowledge of coding
is required. Only common sense, creativity and motivation!

How will communication work during the event?

All pre-event messaging will be done via email. During the event, we’ll use a few online tools to keep everyone in the loop.

Can I sign up with my friends?

Yes, but everyone must individually sign-up (which has the consent form – the critical step in the process). If you don’t have a team, no problem! We can find the team in the event discord channel.

When is the application deadline?

As long as you register and submit the project by the deadline date of Dec 1st 11:45 pm EST, you’re good!

My child is not familiar with coding. How can he/ she participate?

For students (in age group 8-17) who are not familiar with coding, we will be conducting two workshops on Nov 27th, 12 pm-1 pm EST, and Nov 28th, 12 pm-1 pm EST. Feel free to sign up for either one of them.

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