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Deepbrains AI & Robotics‘ vision to nurture the innovative spirit in every child and provide them a platform to engage with fellow students to invent new products collaboratively came to reality on December 4th, 2021, at Global Online Hackathon!

Hack The Learn
Keeping up the spirit and encouraging the zeal from the students across the globe to create new products, the Deepbrains AI team geared up this year with the support of mentors and industry leaders to conduct a Free Hackathon as a community giving back initiative.

Globally, students have been facing new challenges through online classes due to the pandemic. This year’s hackathon’s themes – “Innovative Education” and “Gamification of Education” concentrated on students providing smart hacks to improve online education.


The students, aged between 8 and 17 years old, participated in this Hackathon challenge for two weeks and came up with many excellent projects. Over 150 students are registered globally. Around 120 participants took part in this challenge, grouped in teams of up to 3 students per team, which led to 40 teams in total.


Throughout the process, students were provided with guidance and support by making them understand the nuances of problem-solving and hone their creative skills by six mentors and instructors from the DeepBrains team. Geeks from reputed universities such as the University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, MIT, Stanford University, and Harvard University helped these budding innovators to develop successful projects.

Hackathon products and innovations

The hackers submitted 30 creative and innovative projects based on different coding platforms such as Python, HTML, Thunkable, Scratch, and Microbit. Students enjoyed this fun learning and interactive experience as they solved their real-life problem – Online Schooling.

Hackathon Finale

On December 4th, 2021, the student teams presented their final projects. His Worship Mayor Patrick Brown kicked off the event, City of Brampton kick-started the event. Goutham Vinjamoori (COO & Co-Founder, Firstlight Media), Dr.V.I.Lucky Lakshmanan (CEO, ORTECH), Maryam Jafari (Director, Cyber Risk, Deloitte Canada), Deepthi Kondapalli (Senior Director of Engineering, Zillow), and Dr. Anshu Grewal (Dentist, Preserve Dentistry) shared their motivational stories and shared insights on the importance of innovation.

After the series of presentations from students of different age groups (juniors, tweens, and teens), the industry experts selected the best innovations in each category and some special prizes for innovative ideas.

The viewers who were also part of the Grand Finale cheered the student innovators by listening to their incredible ideas, and they had a chance to win the raffle contest. The event concluded with e-certificate distribution for all the participants and money vouchers for winners up to $2000.

DeepBrains congratulates all the students for participating in the “Hack The Learn 2021.” DeepBrains is proud to announce that some students (at middle/ high school) and mentors will be considered for a unique internship opportunity at Firstlight Media.

Future Generations

Want to join the bandwagon? It’s never too late. Reach out to know more about our ongoing classes and workshops to discuss what best fits your young minds and high aspirations. NOW is the time!

Please visit https://deepbrains.ai/our-offerings/ for Online Coding Robotics Classes, Seasonal Camps, and free Boot-camps taught by experts associated with the following companies (Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook) and top-notch universities (UFT, Waterloo, Mcmaster, MIT, Stanford).

Global Kids Hackathon
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