On a wonderful Saturday morning, hundreds of brilliant students around the world met together virtually for a fantastic event! Any guess?


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DEEPBRAINS AI & ROBOTICS INC (Canadian, Women and Minority owned & operated company) was established with a vision to advance our next generation to thrive in the 21st century workforce.

It is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada. One of its missions is to provide a platform to collaboratively engage students and leverage cutting-edge STE(A)M programs to innovate, invent and advance products and/or solutions to benefit the society at large. Register for free trial class at https://deepbrains.ai/online-registration


The students, aged between 8 years and 17 years old, participated in this Hackathon challenge for two weeks and came up with many awesome projects under multiple themes such as Education, Empowerment and Empathy to solve the COVID-19 problems that we face currently.

Over 250 students registered globally from 8 countries – Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Malaysia, UAE, and India. Around 145 participants took part in this challenge, grouped in teams up to 3 students per team, led to 50 number of teams in total.


These creative students had been trained with key coding and robotics skills prior to this actual Hackathon challenge by the experienced instructors and mentors from DEEPBRAINS AI & ROBOTICS INC team.

Geeks from reputed universities such as University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, MIT, Stanford University and Harvard University helped these budding innovators to develop successful projects.

Communication Platform

The participants around the globe communicated with their team members via Slack communication platform and exchanged around 12000 messages. This channel shows an enormous influx of message overflow during this Hackathon journey.

Hackathon products and innovations

The hackers submitted a total of 40 creative and innovative projects including 23 projects from Canada students, 7 projects from USA, 3 from India, a project from each of Malaysia, Netherland, Ireland, and UAE students.

Hackathon Finale

This grand finale event started with project presentations of students. The event was inaugurated by Her Worship Mayor Bonnie Crombie (City of Mississauga, Canada). Her Worship Mayor Bonnie Crombie also joined industry experts along with Ren Zhang (Chief Data Scientist, BMO) and Dr.V.I.Lucky Lakshmanan (CEO,  ORTECH) Empathy theme. Industry experts Pavel Abdur Rahman (Head of Trusted Data & AI, IBM), Andi Giri (Managing Principal, Softsquare), Scott Affleck (Vice President of Product, Ratehub.ca), Dr. Kumar Murty (Professor, University of Toronto), Yasemin Sezer (Head – Technology & Operations, L&T Infotech) and Kader Sakkaria (Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Ruffalo Noel Levitz) also shared their insights on Education and Empowerment themes.

Every student is unique, talented and a winner of this Hackathon. But, when it comes to an event contest, it will be a tough decision to choose winners to motivate everyone.

Our industry experts selected the best Hackathon innovations in each age category and the special prizes for great innovation ideas. Last, but not the least, virtual audiences had been provided the chance to participate in the Raffle contest. The event concluded with e-certificate distribution for all the participants and money vouchers for winners up to $4000.

DEEPBRAINS AI & ROBOTICS INC congratulate all participants for their successful innovations!!!

Future Generations

DEEPBRAINS AI & ROBOTICS INC helps students for success by equipping them with the skills they need in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Please visit https://deepbrains.ai/our-offerings/ for Online Coding Robotics Classes, Seasonal Camps, and free Boot-camps taught by experts associated with the following companies (Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook) and top notch universities (UFT, Waterloo, Mcmaster, MIT, Stanford).

Her Worship Mayor Bonnie Crombie at Global Online Hackathon conducted by DeepBrains
Honourable Navdeep Bains - Letter
Honourable Anita Anand - Letter
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