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About Us

How is DeepBrains different?

The ultimate goal of DeepBrains is to unlock students’ creativity as they are tested to create their own innovative product and/or solution. Our integrated learning experience and tailored curriculum coupled with best-in-class virtual platform and world class educators/ experts will provide your child with the most effective way to learn coding, robotics and artificial intelligence among others.

Will you be offering in-person classes?

We deliver content ONLY online due to COVID-19. Given that we have students attending from Australia to Americas, we will continue online classes even after lock-down to serve the students connecting from remote locations globally. We may offer in-person classes in near future when it’s safe for students (we work closely with public health and ministry of education to access the pandemic situation and follow the protocol from the government).

How will my child benefit?

We at DeepBrains take pride in advancing the learning experience of your child through state-of-the-art STEM education to develop innovative products and be relevant in the 21st century workforce. Every student learns real-world coding and robotics among others along with creativity, logical reasoning, critical problem solving, communication etc. We recognize STEM is a cornerstone for economic growth and it  presents numerous opportunities. Our goal is to prepare our next generation to meet such an opportunity.


What is the appropriate age for learning coding and robotics?

It is never too early for your child to learn coding and building products. Research study shows that kids even at the age of 5 can learn coding with draw-based coding. Coding for kids is typically gamified and our students are having fun learning with us. And your child will gradually learn block-based coding and text-based coding as they grow and/or when it is age appropriate.

How do you get the students to stay engaged, especially during the school closure / COVID-19?

Our students in Online classes love our “fun based teaching” approach. They are typically engaged throughout the class and also the “cool” assignments and quizzes keep them busy and motivated during these tough COVID-19 times.

What are the prerequisites for online classes?

Basic computer skill is preferred. We have also guided students with no prior computer skills via Google Meet video conference meetings (screen sharing if needed to help navigate the students).

Are all instructors/ coaches qualified?

We take pride in hiring the best and brightest innovators (coaches) to teach your child. The innovators will be supported by founders who are able to decode their industry experience (collectively spanning over 100 years) into practical and relevant examples.

Will the instructors/ coaches keep changing throughout the term or does my kid have one instructor/ coaches for the entire term?

At DeepBrains we work with our employees and ensure there is continuity for the term your child is enrolled. We take pride in providing the best quality learning experience through our top-class customized curriculum and teaching methodology which is complemented by tutors.


How can I get my kid enrolled? Are there any eligibility criteria to attend the program?

Please select the appropriate program and enroll. Post registration, one of our staff will get in touch with you to talk through the assessmenT and program details.

Does the student need to enroll for one full term?

We recommend students enroll for one full term to benefit from the curriculum. However, we understand the student’s schedule change and they may need to take a break. In that case, the students can rejoin at a later point in time and they will be assessed to enroll them in the appropriate programs.

My kid has zero knowledge of coding and robotics. Will my child be able to pick-up easily?

At DeepBrains, we recognize that kids come from various backgrounds and skill sets. Learning coding and robotics as a child is much easier if we engage the gamification and fun-based approach. Our instructors are specially trained to teach your child who may be at novice/ beginner level and help them achieve the program objectives. Moreover, our curriculum is personalized and flexible which can be tailored based on the student’s needs.

I want my kids to experience the program. Can I attend a FREE Trial class?

Yes, we offer a 30-minute FREE trial class to make you comfortable before committing to the program.

Can my child enroll in a class that has already started?

We allow late enrollments as long as your child completes the assessment successfully and is deemed fit to join the class.


How long are the sessions?

Our regular classes are 60 minutes / class or 90 minutes / class. Summer camp classes are 120 minutes.

Will the kids be in the same age group as my kid in the class?

We strongly believe in grouping kids by intellectual ability and not by age. However, we take utmost care to group the kids so that all kids are comfortable and freely express their thoughts and have a better learning experience.

What if my kid misses a class?

We recognize students may miss a class due to various reasons. If the students miss out on a day for a weekly class, we offer to compensate classes (maximum one per month for 30 mins).

What is the student to coach ratio?

Less than 8 students per class to provide a personalized learning experience.

Would you be offering 1:1 coding and/or robotics classes?

We strongly believe small collaborative groups (1:8 or similar) result in the best outcomes; this is particularly true for product innovation as you can imagine that kids with cross-functional skills are required to innovate. So, we won’t be offering 1:1 classes.

Students can share ideas and motivate one another. Learning in a group contributes to creativity. There are students with different personalities in a group, and this variety will bring a diversity of ideas. In a group environment, students learn how to support each other, overcome shyness, get rid of complexes, and discover leadership qualities in themselves to build innovative products that would benefit society at large!

How will I stay updated on my child’s progress?

Continuous feedback mechanism is a key aspect of our program. By keeping parents informed on what happens in the classroom, we enable success at the inception stage of the program. Parents receive weekly progress reports that indicate what students have done that week. Besides this, we engage with parents on a monthly basis to understand your child’s progress from you and work collaboratively to move the dial!


What would be the fee? Can I get a flexible payment schedule?

We offer the most affordable fee package in entire North America! Check Programs for each course fee details. Payments can be made for the entire term or on a monthly basis. Siblings get a 10% discount (throughout the duration of enrollment as long as both siblings are continuing the program). Referrals receive a 15% discount for the first month. Please contact us for additional details.

What is the payment method?

We do not accept any form of payment over the phone. At this point, we accept payments via credit or debit cards. International customers may incur transaction fees depending on their bank policy. Interac Transfers are accepted in Canada. Appropriate Tax or HST will be applied.

What is your cancellation policy?

The full payment is due before the first day of class monthly. There is a 100% refund up to 7 days before the class. We will provide a partial refund of 50% will be provided 3 days in advance notice. No refund will be provided post the class commences. Students can pay monthly and can withdraw/cancel at any point in time.


What technology do we need at home?

A computer with Windows, Mac or Chrome OS with Chrome browser installed in it. High speed internet connection is recommended for better classroom experience.

What is the time commitment?

It depends on the courses and learning path your child selects. Typically our students spent on average 2 years to complete foundations of several courses that we offer at DeepBrains.

Is there any software to download?

For most courses, students will be using our browser-based code editor to write real code. They don’t need to download or install special software. For a few of them, the students may need to download software which will be directed by the instructors.

How Do I Get Started?


Free 20 Min Chat

Book free consultation with our Consultants to discuss your needs and goals are for your kids. Your individual learning needs will be considered when we make a package suggestion. Your preferred days and times for your classes will be discussed.

Book a Free Trial

Before you commit to engaging with you, we offer a 60-mins free trial session. It is never too early for you to learn coding and building products! So let us code and innovate products together! Why wait? Book a Free Trial Class today! The trial class is completely commitment-free!

Money-back guarantee!

We offer a money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw from classes within first two weeks of the trial period.
The best way to experience our program is to just dive in and evaluate the experience before the 4th class session including the trial class

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