The 2020 rollercoaster is finally over! As we’ve all experienced, it was perhaps the most uncertain, emotional, and challenging year for most of us. While we are excited to move forward into 2021, we want to take this opportunity to reflect what parents and students accomplished along with us.

Though 2020 was extremely hard on all of us, it was an important year for us at DeepBrains.AI Robotics Education. Our team took up the challenges imposed and navigated successfully with all the support from the parents and student communities! 

We were fortunate to continue our operations “online” keeping the safety of the community at center throughout the pandemic, with great support from all our customers and government authorities. We wanted to extend our appreciation to our 32 new amazing instructors and mentors in our team for their exceptional support.

Furthermore, we witnessed an increase in awareness among parents regarding STEM education and trusted us by enrolling their kids in our coding and robotics programs throughout the year 2020. There is a growing appreciation in our unique way of teaching kids in a collaborative environment – (a) bringing innovative solutions by applying design thinking and (b) embracing teamwork not only in the classrooms but also in many challenges that we successfully completed this year!

We take this opportunity in looking back at our accomplishments during the difficult times of COVID-19 and Giving Back to Community – read on to learn more.

DeepBrains 2020 - Infographic

Students Benefits

DeepBrains.AI Robotics Education is proud to state that more than 150 students who have directly benefited & created over 400 projects from our online regular classes in 2020. In addition to regular classes, more than 1000 kids benefited from our “Community Giving Back Program” in 2020.

Community Giving Back Program in 2020

  • Global Online Kids Hackathon

    conducted from Nov 7th to Nov 21st. Attended by Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie / C-Level Execs. Endorsed by the Minister of Innovation & Public Services. Over 150 hackers across 8 countries.

  • Two-day Boot Camp teaching Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (Junior level)

    Conducted on July 25th & 26th. Attended by MP’s – Kirsty Duncan, Maninder Sidhu, Deepak Anand. Participation by 140 students across the globe. Taught by Jothi Periasamy from MIT.

  • Kids Code-A-Thon on Father’s Day

    Happened on June 21st. Attended by 100 students

  • Hour-of-code for Moms

    Celebrated Mothers Day on May 10th. Attended by over 75 kids – used Scratch, Micro:bit, Python to display love to Mom.

  • Women (GIRLS) In TECH

    Conducted on March 9th to celebrate International Women’s day.

  • Free Coding & Robotics Workshop

    Conducted at Mississauga Valley Community Centre on February 29th. More than 250 participated.

  • 100 Free STEM hour-of-code sessions

    Conducted throughout the year (on an average 5 students have attended each of the sessions).

  • Partnered with Peel District School Board and Mississauga Library for coding free workshops.

Closing thoughts

There’s no question that 2020 was the year that changed everything and will be an unforgettable year for many across the globe – particularly for millions of students.

In a way, whatever happened is a much-needed wakeup call for all – nearly 100% of all students experienced some form of remote learning. We are proud to quickly adapt to new-normal “online” learning methods to keep the community safe and healthy.  Students loved our online system which was more fun and interactive and thanks to our best-in-class technology at DeepBrains!

Schooling is more than just the classes, giving quality education opportunities to students and parents/guardians have visibility on what their kids learn.

We personally would like to extend our appreciation to our wonderful team, parents, students, vendors and supporters for making this year so valuable.

We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished in 2020 at DeepBrains AI & Robotics Education, and where we are heading into this new year 2021. We are looking forward to what 2021 is going to offer – and with the vaccine on its way, we are feeling a lot more confident and positive. We will continue our commitment to giving back to our community and we are hoping to train “2021 number of students in 2021” through our FREE online coding and robotics programs!

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