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Navigating through the difficult times of COVID-19 and Giving Back to Community

While we are excited to move forward into 2021, we want to take this opportunity to reflect what parents and students accomplished along with us.

Global Online Kids Hackathon Journey

On a wonderful Saturday morning, hundreds of brilliant students around the world met together virtually for a fantastic event! Any guess?

Mission & Vision

Changing the Future of AI & Robotics for the Better

Our vision is to advance the learning experience of our next generation through state-of-the-art STE(A)M education in developing innovative products and be relevant in the 21st century workforce.

DeepBrains.AI Robotics was created with the following mission:

  • To provide a platform to collaboratively engage students and leverage cutting-edge STE(A)M programs to innovate, invent and advance products and/or solutions to benefit the society at large.
  • To be recognized worldwide for bringing innovative products through partnerships with schools, communities and institutions.
  • Online Robotics Coding Classes

Robotics Classes

Our Robotics programs provides a basic foundation of industrial robotics and how they can be used in real world scenarios.  They are introduced to Block based coding, text based programming languages like Python, Arduino C++ for electronic controls using simple IDE and commands and will gain a strong understanding of building a autonomous robots using motors, sensors, radio signals, movements, electricity, physics, and circuits.


Coding Classes

Our Coding Programs provide a rich and engaging environment that inspires children and teens to innovate, think critically, and create with technologies on the fringe of our hi-tech culture.  Students will learn specific program language(s) at each level such as Scratch,,, Python, C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Java, using various platforms.

AI & Machine Learning Classes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the next wave of technological innovation, and is changing almost every industry around us. With the expansion and ubiquity of AI being a motivating factor in the decisions and need for all children to develop their understanding of Computer Science, it is logical that children also must need to develop their understanding of AI itself.


An Industry Leader In AI & Robotics Education

We take pride in working with students through our state-of-the-art online platform. We strongly believe it’s never too early for you to learn coding and robotics. Sounds impossible, right? The truth is that coding and robotics is a skill that students can learn at any age. Register for Online Robotics Coding Classes. We offer our programs which are both fun and instructive!

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Instructors & Speakers

Our Instructors/ Speakers are associated with following companies and universities

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Best Instructors of the Month

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